What to read whilst waiting for God’s best

Preparing as you wait on the best matchmaker

What to read whilst waiting for God’s best

I’m such a big dreamer. I have a grand vision for my life and different aspects of it. One of those aspects is my love life and marriage. I know this might seem crazy to some but I already know what my wedding will look like. I know where it will be, who will design and make my dress, who will DJ at my wedding, what song I will walk down the aisle to and everything else related to my wedding, except the groom lol. I’ve found that as people we tend to focus a lot on the wedding and forget the more important part, the marriage itself.

Even if you and your husband to be go for pre-marital counselling, I believe you can still prepare for marriage right now, before you know who or when you’re going to marry. Instead of waiting passively for the man God has for you, there are some things you can be doing in the meantime. You can work on yourself. Those qualities you hope your significant other has, do you possess them? If not, you have to work on that or pray for God to help you work on your character and on your individual growth as well as spiritual growth.

In another post I discuss what you can do to prepare yourself for marriage and I list 10 videos to watch as you wait for God’s best. I talk about the importance of waiting on God and trusting Him with your love life and your whole life. Now I’d like to give suggestions of what to read, in case you prefer reading to watching, or if you’d like to add on to the videos I suggested. I hope my suggestions will not only grow your faith but that they would help you prepare as you wait for the man God has for you. God has just the right man for you and when the time is right He will bring him into your life if you will trust Him. Keep pursuing God and He will bring you a man that will pursue you.

  1. The Book of Ruth in the Bible

If you’re not familiar with the book of Ruth in the Bible, I’d suggest that you go and read it. There are many love stories in the Bible, but where romantic love is concerned I like Ruth’s story the most. I’m not going to tell you about it because I hope you’ll go and read it yourself.

  1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

This book opened my eyes to something I knew nothing about. That as individuals, we all need to be loved differently. In discussing this, Gary Chapman shares five love languages that different people receive love through. For example one person might feel loved through someone doing things for them, like taking out the trash. Another person might feel loved through someone spending time with them, whilst someone else might feel loved through being told “I love you.”

The love languages don’t apply only to marital or male and female relationships. It applies to all kinds of relationships. If you’re a parent it can help you learn how to better love your child. It explains why some parents might treat their children exactly the same and not understand why one child still feels unloved. It’s probably because they are using one love language for children with different love languages.

I believe it is one book that everyone needs to read, married or single. It can save your marriage for the married ones and help your relationship if you’re single. I read the marriage version of the book but there’s a singles version too.

  1. The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good

This book is primarily about waiting to have sex before marriage and how you can do that, something I think any single person can learn from. Through all that you also get to hear about Devon Franklin and Meagan Good’s love story, how God brought them together. How Devon Franklin was celibate for almost 10 years before they got married. Yes, men like that actually do exist. I’d advise you to read this book not only for their love story but to find out what waiting on God as a single person looks like.

  1. Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

This book opened my eyes to something I’d never considered, that given a choice between love and respect, most men would choose respect. Most women value love more than anything else. It showed me how important respect is for men and how certain things that don’t look disrespectful to me might be considered to be disrespectful by a man.

This is generally and according to statistics. I don’t like statistics but I tested this with men around me and most of them were in agreement. Whether or not you’re in agreement I think this is a book you need to read if you’re looking to get married or better relate with the men around you.

  1. Kindredgrace.com

This women’s ministry website has a section called “Love” that showcases true, real life love stories from other women. Reading the stories gave me hope. They made me appreciate the importance of waiting on God to bring you the man He has for you.

I hope you find these books helpful. What are you reading or watching to help you relate better with others, especially your husband to be?


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