What if you are God's favorite daughter?

Exploring how you believe God sees you

What if you are God’s favorite daughter?

How do you think God feels about you? I believe your answer to this question will tell you how you look at the world. It will show you what you believe you deserve or are worth. Who gets to determine God’s perception of you? You do. According to you, who is God’s favorite daughter? Have you ever considered that YOU just might be God’s favorite daughter?

I had never thought about it but I’ve recently decided I’m God’s favorite daughter. Why? Because of what it means to be a favorite. How are favorites treated? Favorites are loved. They get special treatment, not because of something they did. During growth and lessons where things may hurt, if I believe I’m God’s favorite, I know it’s for my own good or God will use it for my good. In my world, I’m now God’s favorite daughter. I’ve started saying it to myself. Will I always remember it? I don’t know but I sure hope I do. Why not start believing the same?

What if instead of the “good son,” you’re the prodigal son who knows no matter what, God is always ready to throw you a party. Instead of Martha, you get to be Mary and sit at Jesus’ feet and be loved without trying to work for it.

If you’re wondering if maybe you’re not His favorite, how could you not be? God gave up His son for you. (See John 3:16) He loves you like He loved David. (See Isaiah 55:3) He is pleased with you. (See Mark 11:1) He knew you before you were born. (See Jeremiah 1:5) There are many other places in the Bible that God tells us and shows us He loves us. It’s not the only way, God will also tell you personally how He feels about you. This could be through the Holy Spirit in you, through prophetic words He sends people to give you, in dreams or someone saying something to you and many other ways.

For example, as I reflected on what God has said about me, I realized how much He loves me and in my world, I can safely believe myself to be His favorite. I have written down a list of 10 things God says about me. There are many things but I chose these ones because they remind me how much He loves me. I go to these when I need a reminder of who I am and who I belong to. They cement my identity in Him. Maybe you could make your own list of whatever number you like.

My List of what God says about ME

  1. You are my beloved daughter and I am pleased with you – I chose this because on a day where I felt unloved, God led me to Mark 11:1 and used His words to Jesus to speak to me.
  2. You are mine, I have summoned you by name – I chose this because when I read Isaiah 43:1, I claimed those words for me because I have always wanted to belong.
  3. I love you the same way I loved David – I believe this because on a day I wondered if God could ever love me the way He loved David, I came across Isaiah 55:3 and took it as confirmation that yes, He does love me that way.
  4. Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you – I’ve claimed this for myself because it reminds me that God knew me before I was even born and I am not a mistake.
  5. You are a queen – I call myself African queen and during a prophetic word, the person said God sees you as a queen, I felt that.
  6. You are my diamond – As part of a prophetic word, I was told, God says you’re His diamond, He’s keeping you safe below the surface and in His time, He is going to prop you out of the ground to shine and illuminate others around you.
  7. You are worthy and deserving of love and good things – I cried when I was told this through a prophetic word because I’ve always seen myself as undeserving and unworthy. God opened my eyes that I am worthy and deserving. I struggled with this because I didn’t want to seem entitled but during an interview with Jay Shetty, Chrissy Metz said “you can be deserving but not entitled.”
  8. I value you and I think you’re amazing – From a prophetic word as well.
  9. You are a woman of faith – Two different people prophesied this over me after I had told myself I want to be known as a woman of faith.
  10. You are beautiful – From another prophetic word that touched me because it showed me God really knows me and knows I needed to hear that from Him.

In my life I am many things, daughter, friend, writer, speaker, lawyer, mentor, but at the end of the day, the above, what God says about me, forms my identity. I could lose all the man-made and self given titles but what God says about me remains true because God is not a man that He should lie and I know I can trust Him. I am after all, His favorite daughter. Who is God’s favorite daughter in your life?

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