The shepherd who has no limits

Why I shall not want by Joyce Mutangara

The shepherd who has no limits

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” – Psalm 23:1. This has been my prayer every morning this year. Not only are we experiencing dire economic difficulties that are causing hunger to our most vulnerable, we now also have to deal with the Corona virus. On top of that, peculiar to my family situation, I have a daughter who has scoliosis (a bending of the spine) and needs costly surgery.

So every night, I whisper to myself, ‘The Lord is my shepherd.’ Because I know that I do not have the strength or resources to carry the burdens. These are God sized problems and I need my Shepherd. I need the miracle worker, the one who has conquered death and promises me an eternity with him. I need to know that what I see is not all there is. So I repeatedly hand over the burdens to Him, as a sheep that is fully dependent on her master. Sometimes I forget that I am a sheep with an owner, and try to do it all by myself, wandering away on my own path, only to realise there are dangers, toils and snares that I cannot defeat on my own.

The Corona virus is showing the world that there are things that man does not have the answer for. Therefore our only hope and solace come from believing in the one who has no limits, even in terms of time. A shepherd does not only make sure the sheep are safe, but also that they are fed and healthy. He provides for our needs. Many times I have had needs that I have doubted God would provide for, and every single time He has come through. So, why, with all the testimonies, do we still continue to doubt the Shepherd?

Image by Naji Habib from Pixabay

I thank God that He does not hold it against us when we doubt. Doubt holds us back from doing our part by faith, but our Shepherd is always faithful, that is why I shall not want. Even when I struggle to trust, He remains trustworthy. His ways are not our ways. So even though I don’t understand why I have my struggles, it’s working something in me that I don’t even know needs to be worked on. My Shepherd’s plans are better than mine. My life is in His hands.

Every day I recognise it is a privilege to get up in the morning, especially with daily news of people dying from Covid 19. Therefore we need to make the most of our days, and seek the very calling of which the Shepherd has put us here on earth for. “My sheep know my voice,” that is what He said (John 10:27.) Let us hearken to the voice of our Shepherd, for He is the only one who can lead us to green pastures and quiet waters. The places where we will find true nourishment for our spirit and soul.

Joyce Mutangara is a wife, mother, pastor, legal adviser and strengths coach. She loves to give inspiring personal interaction, through authentic discussion, and exploration of talents that motivate people to achieve optimum performance through intentionally deploying their strengths.
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