Letter to my younger self

and any woman who needs it

Letter to my younger self

I know this has been overdone but I’m writing it in case there’s someone out there who like me needed to hear what I’ll say in this letter. It’s a letter I wish somebody had written to me when I was younger. I hope it ministers to anyone who needs to hear the words.

My dearest Sibo or should I say Maboe because you’ve decided that’s what you want to be called because Sibo and Bongie are too common. You’re being a bit of a diva but that’s ok.

I know you don’t know this right now but you are loved. You are lovable and not disposable. God loves you and will always love you. He loves you without conditions because real love has no conditions attached to it. He made you in His image so your identity is in Him. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He knew you. That means you were not a mistake to God.

You are beautiful. You don’t feel it right now but you were made in the image of your Father in heaven and that makes you beautiful. You are the apple of God’s eye and He calls you His. You belong to Him. You have to see yourself through His loving adoring eyes filled with love. If you do this, you will have a smile on your face that will never leave.

As you grow up you’re going to take some wrong turns and end up on paths you never intended. That’s ok, you’re human. It doesn’t make God love you any less. Don’t let it keep you away from Him in shame. His arms will always be open when you choose to cry out to Him.

He is a loving Father who loves you even in the middle of your messing up. He just wants you to come back to Him. He will court you until you come home. See you’ll be lost until you come back home because only He can fulfill you. Don’t let it take too long before you turn to Him because it’s only you that will keep suffering when you don’t have to. You have a Father waiting with open arms to take you in.

Don’t believe the devil’s lies that you are not worthy of love. The lies that because you turned to the world, God doesn’t love you anymore. The lies that you will never be rid of your different vices. All lies!

This is the truth: God loves you no matter what and will always love you. Even those times you don’t feel it and feel far from Him. The only one who can get closer to Him is you. He is never far, He is always there waiting for you. It’s you who will need to choose to go to Him. I hope you recognize that sooner rather than later. When you do, make God the Lord of your life. Put Him first in everything and you will not go wrong. You will not be led astray. Give your life to Him and your life will never be the same.

With love,

Sibo Hlabangana.

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