Keeping track of God's promises for your life

When God sees you treasure something, He'll give you more of that.

Keeping track of God’s promises for your life

I wrote about 10 different ways God communicates with us in another article. In it I discuss how God is forever speaking to us and that He does so in ways we might not even realize He’s doing so. Has God spoken to you through dreams, visions, the Bible or any other way? Have you ever had someone or people prophesy into your life or give you a message you believe to be from God?  If you have, what did you do with that information? Did you save it or record it in some way?

Up until the end of 2017 I’d never been prophesied over. Since then, God has sent different people to speak into my future. Anytime that happens I’ve learned to record it on my phone or ask someone else who’s there to record for me and send it to me later. What I’ll subsequently do is transcribe each prophecy so that I have a version of it that I can read, to remind me what God says about me and about my life. I’ve found there’s something that happens when you transcribe prophecies, they start to make more sense and really become ingrained in you, at least that’s what happens for me. When I transcribe the prophecies, it’s as though I’m hearing them for the first time and I see and hear things I hadn’t really appreciated before. For some reason I start to believe the words more.

Listening to and reading God’s promises to me gives me hope and expectancy during times where my circumstances contradict what God has promised. They allow me to trust that despite what’s happening now, there’s better to come.

I also have a list of scriptures that I believe apply specifically to me. Have you ever read the Bible and something jumps out to you and you don’t know why? It could be God is trying to tell you something. The Bible is one of the ways God speaks to us.

Sometimes you’ll read something and it will be an answer to a question you’ve been having. Other times you’ll decide on “favorite” verses. They must have spoken to you in some way for you to call them that. Chances are they are God’s promise to you specifically. When you come across such verses or passages of scripture, note them down somewhere so that you can turn to them when you need a reminder of God’s promises over your life.

When God sees you treasure something, He’ll give you more of that. Since God started speaking to me through dreams, I write down each dream and what I believe it means. God has seen that and now not only does He trust me with my dreams, He sends me dreams about other people. The other day I sent a friend a dream I had about her and her mind was blown because my dream was describing what she had been asking God for. Now she has taken it to be confirmation that God will allow her to experience what I described, which is what she had been praying about.

Did you know God could also be playful with us? He can show interest in what interests us. I had a dream where I was going through certain experiences. I had a bit of an idea what it represented. The next day I was watching something on TV and one of the characters was experiencing all the things I had dreamed about. It was as though I was watching something I had lived through the night before. I smiled because God wants to speak to me so much He’ll use a TV show to do it, simply because He can.

When I start to have moments of doubt or when my circumstances are far from what I’m hoping for, I turn to my “Promises from God” folder. It reminds me what’s on the other side so I know whatever will be happening is temporary. How are you keeping track of God’s promises for your life?

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