God's character - from His interaction with David

God’s character – From His interaction with David

There are many facets to God’s character. The Bible is filled with them. Here I want to mention a few that I found from how God interacted with David.

1. He values obedience. When disobeyed He can find another to do what needs to be done.

2. He can take away His anointing.

3. He answers when we inquire of Him.

4. He looks at the heart and not outward appearance like man does.

5. When we’re about to make a mistake He’ll give us a way out. For example how He sent Abigail to show David the mistake he was about to make out of anger.

6. He can bless you and favor you even in the midst of opposition or in what feels like a bad situation. Even David’s enemies favored him at some point.

7. He will anoint you and then put you through a preparation phase. A testing time. David is an example.

8. He will always provide, even in a desert. No matter where they were, David and his men were provided for.

9. He will get you where you’re supposed to be. It might not be how you expected. David was brought into the kingdom to play the harp even though it was where he would one day rule from.

10. He can be a friend to us, if we let Him.

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