Diary of the first Samaritan Evangelist

A different take on the woman at the well story by Alistar Moyo

Diary of the first Samaritan Evangelist

I heard his footsteps. The man I was living with. I won’t give him a name for that’s all he was, the man I was living with. He violently pushed the door open. I knew he had heard. Everyone had.

” Is it true?” he asked as soon as he saw me, leaving the door to close by itself behind him. I didn’t respond. I wasn’t about to let him spoil what had turned out to be the most wonderful day of my life.

“Everyone out on the streets is saying you were acting crazy this afternoon shouting about some Jewish man you met at the well…” Oh wow. That’s all he heard?

I turned to him without getting up from the bed where I sat, my feet still hurt.

“Listen, I did meet a man at the well this afternoon. But he was no ordinary man I must tell you. He was…”

“Oh please, save that for the gullible. I can’t believe you even made the rest of the town think this man is the Jews’ long-awaited Messiah. Have you lost your mind?”

 He was panting and before I could say anything, he added, “Do you have any idea how humiliated I felt hearing strangers talk about our private relationship?”

 “You’re missing the point my dear. Please just listen. No one in this life has ever spoken to me the way that man did. And a Jew for that matter? He saw past all my sins. All of them.”

 This boyfriend of mine just stood there, his face still displeased. I wished I could somehow convey to him the indescribable joy I had found inside. He shook his head and headed for the left wall of the room where his clothes hung. Throwing them roughly into the sling bag that hung from his shoulders, he looked at me one more time and turned to leave.

Maybe he thought I was going to stop him. Beg him even. Before this day, I probably would have. This time though, I stayed still, and silent. He let out a flutter of disappointment and just walked out, banging the door behind him. For the first time in a long time, I would be staying alone. But never had that seemed more like an actually delightful thing as it did right then. My soul had been set on fire in a way that opened it up to a whole new beautiful life.

There had always been a void deep in me that all the men and all my possessions had never managed to fill. A profound thirst I never actually acknowledged I had. He pointed it out. The Messiah pointed it out at the well, and I’m still baffled at how He knew.

The Holy Son of God, took His time to sit at that well to meet me. He has power to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, and even raise the dead, and yet He would have time for me? Filthy, sinful me? No one in this town even wants to associate with me. The women scoff at me so much I can’t go to the well when they are there. I have always thought I deserved it. I’ve lived a life that I myself am ashamed of, but there was no sign of condemnation in the Savior’s eyes. Just love. A love I’ve never even dreamed of before.

Today, I realized that my life, with all the imperfections I gave it, is valuable in the eyes of God. It had holes and voids, but they made it just perfect to hold streams of living water that will keep me ever so refreshed.

I’m waking up tomorrow morning and going to the well like I used to before I felt broken. I ended up running off this afternoon without the water I had gone to fetch anyway, so yeah. Besides, now that I have this precious living water within me, I look forward to meeting other people so I can share it with them.

It doesn’t matter if all of Samaria will see me as crazy. I don’t see myself through their eyes anymore. God thinks I’m worth saving, and that mutes every other voice in the world.

Alistar Moyo is a 25-year-old girl from Zimbabwe. She is a part-time writer, content-creator, speaker and recent medical graduate. You can get in touch with her on Facebook – Alistar Moyo or e-mail docstaralistar@gmail.com.

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