But you know Jesus Christ

5 simple words that can change everything

But you know Jesus Christ

I was talking to a colleague and she told me about how she got chosen for something she didn’t expect. She had felt she was less qualified than everyone else and didn’t know anyone on the ‘inside’ who could put in a good word for her. She told this to someone else and he said to her “but you know Jesus Christ.” Five simple words but they’ve meant so much to me that I keep them in mind whenever I feel inadequate or unqualified for something.

You don’t have to be known by the interviewer or the person on the decision making committee. You don’t have to have many friends or have a million social media followers. You don’t have to be the best at what you do. If you know Jesus Christ, you already have the greatest advantage of all. You have an in with just the right person.

Now when I apply for something or I’m hoping to be chosen for something I tell myself “but you know Jesus Christ”. With that I know I don’t have to stress whilst waiting for the results, wondering if I’ll be chosen. I rest in the knowledge that I’ve done my part and now I can trust that knowing Jesus Christ will come in handy, if it is something I’m supposed to get. If I don’t get it I know something bigger and better is coming along.

As you can see this saying is seeing me through times where I doubt myself. I can doubt myself and my abilities but I don’t have to doubt God because He will always deliver. Even if it’s not when and how I expected, when the time is right, He delivers. I know without a doubt I can put my trust in Him. You can too. So the next time you feel like the odds are against you, remember “but you know Jesus Christ.”

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