5 Panel discussions to watch

Panels, panels, panels!

5 Panel discussions to watch

In watching sermons and talks, there’s something else I enjoy. Panels! (Yes the exclamation mark means I’m screaming that lol.) I’ve found I learn more from panel discussions than I do one person’s sermon or message. I get to hear different people’s view points and get varied broad perspectives on a number of matters. Questions are also asked that I find myself asking. It’s fun to get answers without having to wait until you one day get a hold of whoever you want to question.

There are so many panels to choose from. From my panels folder, I’ve picked out 5 that deal with separate topics. I did this because if I just chose any, you would end up with 10 panel discussions facilitated by Michael Koulianos because I like the kind of questions he asks lol. For the ones I’ve chosen, I’ll briefly explain what the panel is about and then I’ll put the link to the video. Enjoy!

1. Jesus Conference 2014 Panel
In this Jesus conference panel discussion, Michael Koulianos asks each of the panelists to retell a God encounter they’ve had. I was encouraged by how different each encounter was because it shows that God reaches every one of us in a way that is suitable for us. What this panel also did for me is it built a hunger in me for a fresh encounter.

2. Exploring the Prophetic – Imagine Panel
Shawn Bolz has a podcast called Exploring the Prophetic. I’ve probably listened to most of the episodes. In each episode Shawn interviews someone on their journey to where they are and what part the prophetic has played in that. What I appreciate even more about the podcast is that the people interviewed are not just people in ministry. It ranges from business men to actors to preachers to stay at home moms, among others. In this particular episode, Shawn interviews a panel of people from different walks of life on the impact of the prophetic on their lives.

3. Evolution of Love Panel
This one is a panel discussion on love and marriage, facilitated by Stephanie Ike. On the panel are two couples, one married a year and the other married for 37 years. There’s also a single man who’s never been married and a single woman who was in a 12 year marriage that ended in divorce. It’s quite interesting hearing from this varied group of individuals. Their experiences gave me much to think about and in some cases were eye opening. Whether married or single, this panel discussion is worth watching.

4. Dealing with loss
In this panel, Priscilla Shirer and her family took a really brave step and spoke about how they were dealing with the loss of one of their own, Wynter Pitts. What I found so amazing is that they did this within days of it happening. They shared their pain with us and showed how even when you’re going through the worst possible thing, you can lean on God. It was raw and real. Questions were asked that I believe many of us find ourselves asking when faced with unfathomable circumstances.

5. Breaking point
This last one is not a panel discussion. It is however a collection of a number of people’s thoughts on numerous topics, all linked by a love of Christ. I’m including it here because we get to hear from different people. It is a series of videos produced by Michael Dow for his book, Breaking Point. It’s made up of 11 videos and in each one, a different person shares on a certain topic. Topic examples include: The Father’s heart by Fabian Gretch, Teaching them to obey by Frankie Rodriguez and Emerging of the Jesus People by Dr Bob Gladstone. If you can, watch all of them because there is so much to be gained from them.

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