5 Bible women to emulate

5 Bible women to emulate

It’s International Women’s Day the day after tomorrow and it got me thinking about women in the Bible who have made an impact on my life. Women from whom I’ve learned certain things, women I’d like to emulate, women I believe we can all benefit by taking a page from their book. I know there are many others but today, I’d like to look at only 5 of them. I also realize that a lot could be written about these women but here I’ll just be mentioning them in brief with the hope that you will go and read their stories for yourself, if you haven’t done that already.

1. Hannah – 1 Samuel 1
From Hannah’s story, we see her crying out to God in prayer, pouring her heart out to Him. When she received what she prayed for, a son, she kept her word to God by giving her son to Him as an offering. That was a huge deal. Can you imagine getting something you’ve always wanted from God and then having to give it up? I believe it’s something to think about.

2. Ruth – the book of Ruth
She was loyal to her mother in law. She was obedient. She worked hard. She took care of others. She was honest, respectful and a woman of noble character. She basically fit the Proverbs 31 woman profile.

3. Mary, mother of Jesus – Luke 1 verses 26-56
She believed that God would do what He said He would do. She did so even though it was something that seemed highly unlikely. She believed with no evidence, she had faith.

4. Mary of Bethany, Martha’s sister – Luke 10 verses 38-42 and John 12 verses 1-8
She sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to him instead of being too focused on work like her sister Martha. She chose relationship and intimacy over “works.” She later showed Christ love by washing His feet with perfume, which turned out to be Jesus’ anointing at Bethany.

5. Esther – the book of Esther
She was bold, strong and courageous. In the face of danger she acted to save her people even though her actions may have resulted in her death. In her words “If I perish, I perish.”

Through their actions these women didn’t just change the trajectory of their lives but they changed the history of their families, their nations and the kingdom of God. When Ruth chose to be the woman she was, she couldn’t have known Christ would come from her family line. Hannah couldn’t have known how God would use her son Samuel, who became one of God’s prophets. Mary of Bethany couldn’t have known by washing the feet of Jesus that her story would be told for generations to come and would make it’s way into the Bible.

Esther had no idea what impact her actions would do for God’s chosen people, the Jews. God doesn’t just use anyone. He wants people after His own heart. Mary was one such person because even at a young age, she was chosen to be the mother of Christ. Can you imagine having such an honor?

Daughter of God, I don’t know how God plans to use you but I know this, if you pursue Him and do what He tells you, He will use you in amazing ways you never could have imagined.

Happy Women’s day.

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