2 videos to watch whilst you're still single

Before you say yes...

2 videos to watch whilst you’re still single

In a previous post, I talked about 10 videos to watch as you wait for God’s best. In that post, I talk in detail about why it’s important to wait for God’s best and how you want God engineered romance instead of the Mills & Boon or romance movies kind. Here I’d like to add 2 more videos for you. These ones are not about different people’s love stories as the other videos were. They tackle the matter of preparing for marriage and knowing how to discern when you’ve met the man God has chosen for you. I believe every single person, who hopes to or plans to get married one day, should watch these videos. I won’t say much more about them because they speak for themselves. Here they are:

1. Before the person: Relationship goals by Pastor Mike Todd


2. 5 Keys to identifying your soulmate by Pastor Toure Roberts


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