10 videos to watch as you wait for God’s best

Mills and Boon vs God's Best

10 videos to watch as you wait for God’s best

I don’t know about you but I grew up on Mills & Boons and watching romance movies on TV. I wanted that fictional love story of being swept off your feet and living happily ever after. As a grown up I now know happily ever after painted in books and movies doesn’t really exist because life happens. Failed relationships in my own life and failed marriages in other people’s lives turned me against the whole idea of marriage.

I didn’t find anything wrong with that but I’m a romantic at heart and I guess I watched one too many romance movies because now I’m back to wanting to get married. Not the Mills & Boon kind of love story but the kind engineered by God Himself. The kind that beats the fictitious kind any day. The kind that is purposeful.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I hope the examples I’m going to give here will open your eyes and make you want this kind of love story for your life. The prerequisite clear in all these stories is pursuing God and giving your love life and your whole life to Him.

Since I want that kind of love story for my life, to be part of a marriage ordained by God, I started to look for examples. I’m the type of person that I like to grow my faith. (In another article, I wrote about 5 ways to grow your faith.) The way I do that is I’ll pray for it, read stories in the Bible where God does for others what I would like too and watch preachers who grow my faith. One other way I grow my faith is I’ll look for examples of what I’m hoping for. If I find none around me then I’ll go online and look for those examples. You’re fortunate because you don’t have to do so concerning growing your faith about the man God has for you. I’ve done it for you and I’ve listed them below.

I’ve placed them in no particular order. Watch according to what you need to hear about at any given time. Be sure to watch them all at some point because for each one I learned different things and I got to see how God works through each individual story. I tried to include videos that cover different kinds of being single. For example being single without ever marrying, being single after divorce or having children, being single in your 30s, 40s or older, being single after the death of a husband and those who found love at a young age. I hope these videos bless you.

What to watch:

1. I will wait for you by Janette…Ikz

This video is a “spoken word” piece written and performed by Janette…Ikz. It’s about how she would wait for the man God has for her. The first time I watched it, I felt as though she had taken the words right out of my mouth. I could relate with everything she said. She performed it in 2011 and her husband to be was in the audience, unbeknownst to her. God is amazing like that. He will orchestrate things in a way that you never could, even in your wildest dreams. Three years later they got married and she did a follow up piece called “I waited for you.”

2. Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes

Toures Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts were both once married and divorced. He had a child from a previous marriage and she had 2 children. Among other things, in this video they talk about God ordained marriage versus marriage we choose for ourselves. They showed me that no matter what you go through, God will still get you with the one you’re meant to be with. That is, if you will trust Him to do it His way instead of doing it your way. They discuss many things, such as the cost of love, vulnerability and how real love chases your fears away. And so much more. I know a sentence shouldn’t start with “and” but who made all these rules?

3. Decades of waiting – Married at 43

In this video Heather Lindsey interviews Lori Flowers, who got married at 43 after waiting on God for her husband. She spent years doing things her way to no avail. Things turned around for her when she let God take over. This video showcases that it doesn’t matter how long you wait, when the time is right God will bring the man He has for you into your life. God always has a reason for everything He does.

4. Nick Vujicic’s love story

Where do I even begin with this particular one? If you can watch this video and remain not believing that anything is possible, then there’s nothing that can be done to make you believe. In this video Nick talks about his love story. If you don’t know Nick Vujicic, I suggest you Google him because his life story and the way he lives his life will make you think twice before complaining about your life.

Born with a rare congenital condition called tetra-amelia syndrome, Nick does not have arms and legs. He’s an evangelist, motivational speaker and author. In this video Nick talks about his love story. As I’m writing this article, Nick is happily married to Kanae Miyahara and they have 4 children. I wanted to put this video first but I was afraid if I did, you wouldn’t bother watching any of the other ones. Out of all the videos I’ve suggested, if you only watch one, make it this one.

5. Michael and Anna Dow’s love story

This is a video by Michael and Anna Dow. In it they talk about how God engineered their love story in the most beautiful way. At 14 she heard the audible voice of God tell her Michael was her husband. At the time he was a drug dealer and addict. It was years before they became friends, and later got married. I don’t want to tell you the whole story because I want you to watch it for yourself. I love their story because it shows God already knows who He has chosen for you and in time He will get you together. He will write your love story to the letter. God leaves nothing to chance. If you let Him lead, He will bring you the most amazing love story through your own life.

6. Devon Franklin and Meagan Good

Devon Franklin and Meagan Good’s love story is an example of what happens when you wait on God and practice celibacy as you do that. Devon was celibate for almost 10 years before he got married and God gave him Meagan Good! I mean if that doesn’t make you want to wait for God’s best then I don’t know what will.

7. Pastor Tamara Bennett’s testimony

In this video Pastor Tamara Bennett shares her testimony and in that she talks about how she met her second husband. The story is a great example of how God is faithful and can turn your story around when you least expect it. Even when you’ve faced unimaginable hardship that might be considered as unfair. Pastor Tamara Bennett herself says “God is fair” even though what she went through might make others feel differently.

8. The Teus’ love story

In this video Kat and Daniella Teu talk about how God brought them together. I found this one recently and it’s quickly become my favorite. Watching these two tell their story and how God has been showing them how He loves them through each other, is something else altogether. Words cannot express how it makes me feel. God really is love and He wants to give us the best if we’ll wait on Him. Their story is in two parts, watch both videos to get the full impact of their story.

9. The Hamiltons’ love story

In this video Jake and Nicole Hamilton talk about their love story and their relationship struggles. I love their story because it reminded me that even if a marriage faces problems, which many do, if God is in it, He will see you through it all. This video will not just give you hope but it will also equip you for your future marriage. The last 3 videos, numbers 8, 9 and 10, were done by the Hamiltons in a series about love called “One flesh”. In this series they aim to, in their own words, “give people hope that marriage is more than just a fairy-tale.” You should check out the whole series. The stories are so different, yet in each you can see God at work.

10. The Joyners love story

The Joyners’ story shows how sometimes there are insecurities that need to be dealt with as you and your significant other navigate the road to marriage, a process that will undoubtedly continue even in marriage. The process will also bring up the pain of your past. God uses different ways to heal us of any pain we might have experienced in the past. One of those ways is using the one He chooses for you. You have to trust God through the process. Sometimes it’s not easy to receive love than it is to give it. I love their story because not only is it cute and romantic but it’s also so real and I could relate to it.

If watching these doesn’t make you want to wait for God’s best then I don’t know what will. My dear sister, daughter of the Most High God, believe me when I tell you this, the man God has for you far outweighs any man you could ever find on your own. Pursue God and let Him bring you a man that will pursue you. Whenever you start to doubt and wonder if it will happen for you, watch any one of these videos. Remember you’re not alone, I’m 36 and waiting for God’s best too. If God can do it for the above people, why wouldn’t He do it for you and me? He does after all write the best love stories.

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Please add them in the comments section. If you watch any of the videos, do come back and let us know what you thought and how it made you feel. If you watched more than one, which one was your favorite?

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